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Classic cars are the epitome of style, grace, and elegance, and we have a range of motors for you to choose from. Our team have served clients throughout the UK, and we endeavour to provide the options that you’re looking for.

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Breathe New Life

Time is a cruel mistress, especially to vehicles that used to effortlessly function across the UK. Luckily we provide a classic car restoration service that solves your vehicular issues. Quotations are available as part of this service.

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Visit our respected car dealership to find a hidden gem. Providing a range of classic cars throughout the UK, our team specialise in the niche and unique. Our experts have more than 20 years of experience in this trade, and we supply our service on a nationwide basis. Classic car restoration options are also provided. This includes a quotation option that allows you to find out the price before you request our services. Prioritising a high-quality customer experience, Modern Classics only sell the finest motors. Browse through our site at your leisure to find your perfect vehicle.